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Low-cost groceries in Philadelphia

Low-Cost Groceries in Philadelphia

Share Food Program is a nonprofit organization that distributes discounted groceries to Philadelphians who show proof of community service. Read more to learn about Share Food Program's host sites where you can pick up boxes of low-cost groceries!

Share Food Packages

Share Food Program allows people to exchange volunteer time for the opportunity to buy affordable food once a month. You can buy one package of food for $10 to $30 plus two hours of “good deed” time. “Good deed” time can be volunteering at Share Food Program or places in your own neighborhood. You can purchase a food package at Share host sites. All host sites accept SNAP.

Share food packages have meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, and grocery items. You might pay twice as much for these items at a regular grocery store. The food in Share’s packages is never donated, government surplus, or salvage.

View the Share Food package menu, order online, or find a host site near you at

Share food program in Philadelphia- food bank with affordable groceries

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Nice Roots Farm

Share Food Program also operates Nice Roots Farm, a demonstration garden that shows people how to grow food in the city (urban agriculture in Philadelphia). The farm provides local, chemical-free, and affordable produce to the Philadelphia community. Some of the produce grown at the farm also goes to soup kitchens that partner with Share.

If you are an urban grower, you can buy affordable lumber, soil, compost, plants, and seeds from Nice Roots. These materials can help you start your own raised bed garden! Check out the Nice Roots Farm Blog for more information.

Nice Roots Farm

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Food Package

Share food packages have meat, fresh fruit and vegetables, and grocery items.

Nice Roots Farm

Local, chemical-free, and affordable produce.

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